Is Your Child Typical?

Child development is similar for most children. However, certain circumstances can interfere with development. Sometimes, a genetic disorder can cause delayed development. Premature birth is another contributing factor to developmental delay.

Even a child born to young parents can development at a slower rate.

There are five different areas of development: Gross Motor, Social/ Emotional, Cognitive, Speech and Language, and Fine Motor. Some children may be delayed in only one area while others are delayed in all four.

Child development is not the same for all children. For a list of developmental milestones, Click here.

All states offer early intervention programs to children who have or are at risk of having special needs. If you are concerned about your child’s development, please request a free evaluation by contacting one of the following:

For children 0-3, contact Child Development Services Agency at 704-282-9928 or 800-230-6891 or email Teresa Gillespie.

For children 3-5, contact UCPS EC Preschool Program at 704-282-6259 or email Glenda Rape.

You can learn more about these programs by visiting the North Carolina Early Intervention website by clicking here.

Early intervention is better earlier than later!

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